• Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Literacy

    The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Literacy (JMRL) is a funded academic platform that publishes interdisciplinary research at no cost. We place an emphasis on supporting underrepresented groups in academia. JMRL works with the Lives for Literacy Research Team in promoting research literacy to an international audience.

  • Revista Gerónimo de Uztáriz

    La Revista Gerónimo de Uztáriz, que editamos desde 1987, ha servido para difundir los resultados inéditos de investigaciones de un buen número de historiadores e historiadoras profesionales, tanto consagrados como noveles, siempre de gran interés. Muchos de los artículos de la revista han surgido precisamente de las intervenciones en nuestras actividades, en las que han participado docentes de las principales universidades y centros de investigación de los temas tratados. Su contenido consta siempre de uno o varios dossieres monográficos y estudios especializados, a menudo centrados en la Historia Contemporánea de Navarra, pero con importante presencia también de otros marcos espaciales y cronológicos.

  • Journal of Systems Thinking

    The Journal of Systems Thinking (JoST) (ISSN 2767-3847) is a rolling, online-only, open-access, free-to-publish, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to basic scientific research, innovation, and public understanding in the areas of Systems Thinking (cognitive complexity), Systems Mapping (visual complexity), Systems Leadership (organizational complexity), and Systems Science (ontological complexity). 

  • Teaching and Learning Excellence through Scholarship

    Founded in 2020, Teaching and Learning Excellence through Scholarship (TALES) is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Community College of Baltimore County. The first issue was published in August of 2021.

    TALES' primary goals are to publish original research articles that contribute to teaching and learning excellence.

  • Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal

    The Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal aims to publish significant works of scholarship that make original contributions to different fields of maritime law.

  • Integrated Assessment Journal

    The Integrated Assessment Journal is not accepting submissions at this time.

    The Integrated Assessment Journal is an interdisciplinary publication aimed at addressing complex public policy challenges.

    • We invite articles on IA methodology. There are many challenges inherent in development of better processes for engaging the public in complex decisions. There are also numerous unaddressed issues in how to calibrate and validate complex integrated assessment models.
    • We invite articles on the theoretical challenges of integration across disciplines. These often involve bringing internal consistency to underlying assumptions of hitherto independent disciplinary knowledge.
    • We invite articles on applications of integrated assessment and evaluation of these in meeting participant, policy makers, and research needs.
    • We invite articles from the perspective of disciplinary experts who despair at the simplifications of their realm in integrated assessments. We would like to learn from them about vulnerabilities and errors inherent in such practices.

    The Integrated Assessment Journal is a publication of The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS)

  • International Journal of Computational and Biological Intelligent Systems

    International Journal of Computational and Biological Intelligent Systems is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers the latest achievements in digital and biological impacts to system intelligence.

    We welcome original research papers and review articles that include clear questions, a framework of experimentations and analysis, and conclusions that reflect the aims of the paper.

  • Journal of Law in the Middle East

    The Journal of Law in the Middle East by LexisNexis is an open-access and peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to discussing the multitude of legal systems present in the Middle East, including Islamic Law, Common Law, and Civil Law. Read our inaugural issue here.

    Submissions for the second issue are currently being accepted until 22 April 2022. To learn more, please visit our Submissions page. 

  • The Cohort: Journal of Depth Psychology and Somatic Inquiry

    The Cohort is comprised of depth psychological and somatic researchers, practitioners, and scholars writing at the intersection of the mind, the body, and the spirit. We believe in the agency of the author as well as the pursuit of honed, polished writing and communication. We also believe that scholarly ideas have a greater capacity to bloom when given the opportunity for open dialogue and generous comradery during the stages of writing, editing, and review.

  • Literacy in Composition Studies

    Literacy in Composition Studies (LiCS) is a refereed open access online journal that sponsors activity at the nexus of literacy and composition studies. We publish long-form scholarly articles and short-form pieces including book reviews, interviews, symposium essays, and work in new and emerging genres.

    LiCS is a member of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals and uses CrossRef to make research accessible and CLOCKSS to ensure preservation of digital content in perpetuity. 

    Member of CELJ

  • Journal of International Service - American University SIS

    The Journal of International Service is committed to fostering high-level scholarship in the international affairs field through a student peer-review process. A guided experience through the editorial process offers SIS graduate students the opportunity to participate in peer mentorship, see their name in print, and improve in-demand professional skills. 

  • American Journal of Translational Medicine

    American Journal of Translational Medicine (ISSN 2474 -7378 for print, ISSN 2474-7386 for online) is a peer-reviewed biomedical journal publishing articles focusing on information derived from human experimentation so as to optimise the communication between basic and clinical science. The journal was  published quaterly since 2017 by Hawaii Gangze Inc  in Honolulu, Hawaii,USA. The Editor-in-chief is currently Dr. Gang-Ming Zou. 

  • International Journal of Paramedicine

    A peer-reviewed academic journal for paramedicine / emergency medical services (EMS) professionals.

  • Journal of comprehensive Molecular science and genetics

    Journal of Comprehensive Molecular Science and Genetics is an open-access journal, we devoted to disseminate the forefront outcomes of in biology, biomedicine, neuroscience, pharmacology, and immunology, and futhermore making a modest contribution to the development of human medical health.

    Our aim is to provide an open access platform and make science open. Once published, the article is open access and freely available online.

  • Holistic Education Review

    The mission of the Holistic Education Review is to: 

        Enhance and broaden the scholarship of holistic education

        Lift up diverse and emerging voices of holistic education practice

        Connect the holistic education community


    We envision an holistic educational movement that is embedded in K-12 and higher ed systems as a diverse and unifying force, dedicated to wellbeing and to uplifting the human spirit.

    Statement of Purpose:

    HER is a force for decolonization and equity in education and for broadening the umbrella of holistic education to include streams of social emotional learning, mindfulness, project-based learning, environmental education, and other aspects of education that honor the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

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