Molecular Nuclear Medicinal Imaging in the Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Wang, L., Li, S., & Jin, H. . (2022). Molecular Nuclear Medicinal Imaging in the Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. American Journal of Translational Medicine, 6(4). Retrieved from


Nuclear technology is an important component of contemporary science, one of the most advanced technologies, and has greatly promoted the rapid development of natural science and medicine. Over the past 20 years, Molecular Nuclear Medicinal Imaging (MNMI) has made great progress for dynamic and quantitative visualization of biochemical processes and target positioning modes that are not visible at the anatomical level, as well as its characteristics of not interfering with the cells, environment, or important pathophysiological processes. This technology has provided numerous possibilities for uncovering the mystery of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and promoting the development and integration of MNMI with TCM. Herein, we are delighted to add this editorial on the application of nuclear medicine to the American Journal of Translational Medicine. We will introduce: (1) General theoretical basis of MNMI and TCM; (2) Applications of MNMI in the interpretation of the theoretical and mechanism of TCM; (3) Cooperation in the development of "diagnosis and treatment integration" between TCM and MNMI; and (4) Development and translations of MNMI under the guidance of TCM theory. A collective overview of these aspects will add insights into medical imaging-guided diagnosis, treatment, and clinical translations under the theoretical framework of TCM.